The Academy Awards or Oscars is one of the most prestigious mainstream film awards ever. Everyone who is anyone in Hollywood attends the Oscars. And if an actor has won the Oscars, then you know that they have made it big. During 2017, which was the 89th Academy Awards, a lot happened during the event. Hosted by television comedian Jimmy Kimmel, the 89th Academy Awards was a star-studded event. And you can get the latest scoop for that awards ceremony by going through this post. In it, we will dish out some facts that not a lot of people are aware of when the Oscars happened. So, without further ado, here are a few lesser known things about the 2017 Oscar Awards.

  1. Did you know that this was the first year that Black actors were nominated in every category? This was surely a victory for African-Americans all over the country. And the Oscar Awards this year showed that Black is excellent. Some of the nominees included Mahershala Ali for his role in Moonlight. And Viola Davis was also nominated for her role in the movie, Fences. Her co-star Denzel Washington also received a nomination for the film as well.
  1. Amazon made history when it became the first digital streaming company that received an Oscar nomination. The film they produced, Manchester by the Sea, starred Casey Affleck. This was swept a lot of the nominations categories during the Oscars.
  1. Jimmy Kimmel was reportedly paid fifteen thousand dollars for the entire hosting gig, which does not seem like a big amount for such a huge star. But folks have got to remember that the money that the hosts receive is only one of the compensations that they are getting. Simply being the host of such a prestigious event is compensation enough for a lot of professionals. And if people who were not aware of Jimmy Kimmel before;are definitely aware of him now. And that is all thanks to the Oscars.

  1. The dresses and get-ups that some stars arrive in can cost serious bucks. The average cost of an actresses Oscar dress is around $200,000 to $300,000. And that price is only for first-time actresses attending the event. Seriously expensive Oscar dresses can cost up to $1.5 million! This is mainly because big companies actually pay the actresses to wear their dresses as a form of advertising. After all, all eyes will be on what certain celebrities are wearing for the night.
  1. La La Land which scored at least 14 nominations and a lot of wins tied it with Titanic and All About Eve, as a film that has received the most Oscar nominations. La La Land was a movie about two artists trying to make it big in Los Angels, and it starred both Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.
  1. The parties that are held after the Oscars Awards are just as famous as the actual event. And those parties can seriously get really expensive. One of the parties that were thrown by Vanity Fair supposedly had tickets that sold $199,800 for two.
  1. Naomie Harris who was nominated for her role in Moonlight, actually only took about three days to shoot all of her scenes. Harris had only three days from her break, promoting the Bond movie Spectre. And all it took was those three days to earn her spot in the Oscars.
  1. Matt Damon was actually supposed to both star in and direct Manchester by the Sea to watch. This movie was reportedly Damon’s directorial debut. Although he never did direct or even act in the film, he still got producer credits. Manchester by the Sea would certainly be a different movie if Damon directed it.