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If you are any normal person you probably love movies. And if you love movies and television then you probably know about Hollywood. It is where all of the biggest and hottest new movies are being made all of the time.

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playing ping pong outside

We love movies at this site, of course. But, what if you want to do something active, while at home? Well, let me tell you about a great game that you can play with your family or friends.

Ping-pong or table tennis is a kind of sport whereby players participating hit a lightweight ball across a table, back and forth. The game is played with either two players i.e. one on either sides, or four players i.e. two on either sides.

Table tennis game is played on a ping-pong table which is divided by a net. As a ping-pong player, there are several rules you must adhere to in order to tremendously improve the chances of winning a table tennis game against your opponent. 

Rules of Playing Table Tennis

1. Allowing the Ball Coming from the other Side to Bounce

As a table tennis player, during the game you must allow the ball coming towards you to bounce one time on your side prior to responding by hitting it. You must hit and return the ping-pong ball in order for it to bounce on the other side of the net at least once before your opponent can respond. 

2. Scoring a Point

When playing ping-pong, you will be awarded a point in case your opponent will fail to return the tale tennis ball as stated in rule 1. Your opponent will also be awarded a point if you will fail to return the table tennis ball on the other side of the net within the rules. 

3. Determining the Winner

A table tennis match is normally played best of 5 of 9, or 4 of 7, or 3 of 5 games respectively. For each ping-pong game, any player that will be the first to attain 11 points is declared the winner of that specific game. However, as a table tennis player, you will only win a game if you will attain a point margin that is at least two. 

4. Flow of the Game

Each player participating in a ping-pong match is supposed to serve two consecutive points before the server is changed. However, in case a 10-10 score is attained in any game, each server will be supposed to serve one point only prior to the server being switched. 

After every table tennis game, the players are supposed to switch side of the ping-pong table. However, in the fifth game i.e. the final game, the players must switch side again once either of them reaches five points. 

Facilities Required to Play Ping-Pong

Just like any other sporting event, playing table tennis will require you to have some basic facilities as well. Here are some of the essential things that you will require having if you are planning to start your journey of playing ping-pong:

* Ping-Pong Paddles

Playing ping-pong will require you to have your own table tennis paddle. A table tennis paddle or racket is a kind of bat that has a wooden blade as its prime material. Though rackets are available in different shapes, weights and sizes, they must be flat as well as rigid. The racket should also have either an ordinary pimpled rubber or sandwich rubber that is stick onto the blade’s sides which is utilized when hitting the ball. 

*Ping-pong Balls

The best table tennis balls and which are mostly utilized nowadays are those having a diameter of 40mm. The balls are made up of celluloid and can be found mostly in two colors i.e. orange or white. You must make sure the balls you purchase are original and quality if you want to attain desirable outcomes when practising using them.

*Table Tennis Table

Despite the fact that when playing at a club you will be given the tables, it is vital you consider buying your own table so that you can use it while practising at home. Table tennis tables are available in different categories i.e. full-sized tables, and mini or compact tables. The place where you are going to place the table will significantly determine the kind of ping-pong table you purchase. 

For instance, if you are only having a small area, it is vital you consider a compact table. However, despite the type of table tennis table you buy, you must make sure it is quality and durable so that it can service you for many years without encountering repair issues that may trigger the need of replacement.

*Ping-Pong Nets

The best net that is considered ideal for table tennis and which thus you should consider purchasing is the one having screw-on clamps meant to be attached on either sides of the table. However, you can also consider buying a net having spring clamps as long as it has the capacity of gripping the ping-pong table firmly enough. 

Ensure you avoid buying nets which will always keep coming loose when being utilized. To avoid buying such nets, the nets you choose should be designed in a manner that they can be tightened by a cord on each side. Also, you must confirm the nets you buy are having measurements of 15.25cm high so that they can perfectly fit on your table tennis table. 

*Shoes and Clothing

Shoes and clothing are other facilities you should have if you want to look professionally when practicing how to play table tennis. The best shoes for table tennis are those having a rubber sole that is soft. The shoes should also be lightweight and flexible so that they can give you an easier time when you are using them to play ping-pong. 

The clothes you should buy for wearing when playing ping-pong should be comfortable and giving you a space for moving around in. if necessary, you should also purchase a tracksuit that you will be wearing before and after ping-pong matches. 


Ping pong or table tennis is a fun game and it can be more fun if you have the right equipment and understand the simple rules. As always, joining a community to learn more about the game can definitely enhance your enjoyment. Therefore, check out the Pingthatpong table tennis blog when you get a chance. They have great information there that’s sure to increase your enjoyment of the game.

turning sink faucet

Problems with your plumbing in your residential home tend to occur at the most inconvenient times. That’s why it pays to have a competent, reliable and available plumber that you can rely on. But finding an emergency plumber Mesa is sometimes easier said than done. This article discusses some of the aspects that you should keep in mind when trying to find a good emergency plumber in your local area.

1. Ensure That The Plumber is Licensed

When you hire a licensed plumber, you are sure of reliable and high-quality. Although it’s not all places require their plumbers to possess licenses, it’s still good for you to double check the permits and requirement needed by a plumber to offer their services. This helps you identify the legit emergency plumbing services from the scammers who promise good services but end up providing shoddy services. To get the licensing information of a certain plumber, you can always visit their website and go to the section ‘About Us”. Here, you’ll probably find the license number of the company and the professional bodies that regulate their services. Alternately, you can ask the company directly for their licensing information.

2. Are They Insured?

In this day and age, everyone wants to work with an insured company. This is because anything unplanned can happen during the job, and you as the homeowner, don’t want to pay for something you hadn’t planned. Be it roofing job or water damage repair; insurance can compensate you in case something bad such happens during or after the job. So you should ask the potential plumber if they have any form of insurance before hiring them. Even if the plumber will only be dealing with a clogged toilet or burst pipe, you’ll never know when accidents might occur. Accidents could be an injury to you or your family member or even an injury to the company’s employee working on your project. An insured professional plumber will cover any physical damage they might accidentally occur on your properties. The insurance can also cover injuries that might occur during or after the repairs. If the plumber is not insured, you will be forced to pay a lot from your pocket when these unforeseen circumstances happen. To know more about the company’s insurance company, you may want to call the insurer and ask them about the package the potential company has bought and what it covers. By doing this, you’ll be sure of what to expect when an accident occurs

3. How Long Is The Plumber’s Response Time?

An emergency implies that the problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible, be it during the day or night. A burst pipe can happen any time of the day, and this is very dangerous as it can cause water damage. When this happens, you’ll want your emergency plumber to come immediately to take of the problem. A 24-hour plumber in Mesa should be able to give you a rough estimate on how long it takes until they respond to your issue. If it takes the plumber more than 3 hours to provide you with the service that you need, then this plumber doesn’t qualify as an emergency plumber Mesa. A reliable emergency plumber should be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to address their clients’ problems, even if they will only provide a temporary solution for a larger problem. In cases where they provide a temporary repair, ask them when they can come to offer a more permanent solution. The quicker they act, the better they are at fixing your plumbing problem.

4. Check how Much the Plumber Charges for Emergencies

In these tough economic times, we all want to work with an affordable company so that we can save some dollars for something else. When it comes to plumbing emergencies, you shouldn’t call any company to fix your problem even if it’s an emergency. You have to know how much they charge before they come to your house. However, do not expect an emergency repair at odd hours of the night to be priced the same as regular repairs. Technically, contacting a plumber during weekends or in the middle of the night is often considered as overtime so you should expect to pay more for their services. However, ensure that you discuss payment terms before the plumber comes over to your house to repair the problem. You may want to ask several companies for quotes to avoid getting duped for just a simple repair job.

technology and crypto currencies

Technology is the latest buzzword and the advent of technology is creating waves of excitement all around the globe. With latest gadgets, especially smartphones, tablets, and electronic notebooks, every aspect of personal and commercial life has dramatically revolutionized. An individual, in any part of the world, can connect to the whole world within few seconds. There isn’t an aspect of life today that is untouched by this technological progress. Whether you are a common man or a big-shot in any walk of life, one or the other kind of life-altering technology is bound to make its way to your daily routine and transform it from an ordinary one to something completely unimaginable just a few years back. We are surrounded by latest gadgets at every step and have learned to rely on them for the most basic of our requirements. From a coffee machine to a printer, a Xerox machine to escalators in your office or the local mall, a smart-phone to a smart camera; all are examples of how technology has invaded every aspect of life and revolutionized it.

We have, over the time, come to realize the comfort these appliances and gizmos offer and have adjusted our lives accordingly. For those who have not, this seems to be the most opportune moment to learn to do so. With so much in the offering, change is inevitable. There are plentiful ways to change one’s life for the better with these modern gadgets. In case of households, we have various options like the dishwashers, hand-blenders and mixers to microwave-ovens and electronic grills making work simpler. In the field of entertainment, we have 3-D screens to enjoy a real-time experience, smart touch TV sets, eco-friendly plasma displays and what not. As for work, PCs, Notebooks, Communication devices and electronic funds are making life much more comfortable. Add to this the dimension of social media networking and you are closer to people who matter than ever before and leading a groovy life.

The best part of this technology boom is that all the gadgets are continuously being revamped to compensate for the shortcomings of the existing ones and new ones are being developed all the time. All one has to do is embrace the knowledge and advancement and get into the groove of things to lead a comfortable and more relaxed life. After all, what’s the point of putting in all the hard work if the same amount of work can also be done at the mere touch of a button or screen or the pull of a lever? Let the mechanization wave sweep you off your feet and just sit back and enjoy the wonderful tide of changes brought about by the latest contrivances.

Some even talk about how technology advances freedom and makes the society better.  This has especially been the case in terms of the cryptocurrency space.  While it’s still early to maybe know exactly how things are going to turn out in the future, it certainly has been an amazing journey so far.  If you want to learn more and possibly get involved yourself, check out the crypto exchange.

It would not be feasible to list all the recent miscellaneous gadgetry addition, equipped with best of technology, which has flooded the market. Gadgets are making technology a more and more addictive experience. It promises more ease for humankind with every upgrade, and we are falling to it.

hollywood movies

When it comes to comedy movies, an American actor, producer, and writer that has been prolific over decades is Mel Brooks.  Brooks has been involved in movies as well as other forms of entertainment for a long time and is a well-known figure in comedy.  One of his movies that displays a lot of his comedic stylings is History of the World: Part One.  I’m not quite sure if there was ever a Part Two.  And, in fact, that may be a joke in of itself.  At the end of the Part One movie, there are some trailer footage material that is showing with visual gags.  It’s not clear if it was ever intended to actually be part of a full-fledged movie or not, but the laughs are provided at the end of this movie, nonetheless.

History of the World starts, as you might expect, right at the dawn of our earth in terms of the first humans.  This short passage sets the tone of the type of humor you will be experiencing for the rest of the film.  There will be crude jokes, risqué sight gags, double entendres, parody songs that may shock, and lots of other shenanigans that Brooks is well know for by his fans.

The move progresses through the days of the Roman empire, the Spanish Inquisition, and the French Revolution.  Yes, you can imagine the colorful humor that Brooks has to leverage some of these apparently quite unfunny circumstances to base a comedy around!  Brooks, a Jew, also uses healthy doses of hilarity around religion, including his own, but also not sparing anyone else.  What is also not off limits are racial jokes, politics, and pretty much anything else insensitive and potentially funny.  It is amazing and slightly shocking to consider everything that he gets away with or got away with and how such things would likely never pass muster today.

A good example of that last statement is another Brooks film, Blazing Saddles.  This is another classic comedy from the 1980s that has many memorable parts and quotes that are still in people’s imagination and vocabulary.  But, honestly, it’s difficult to watch certain passages of Blazing Saddles today and maybe not blush at some of the subject matter and directness of the humor.  Here, you will witness racial slurs, naughty behavior, and usual Brooks antics.

A good place to stream either of these movies or more from Brooks is at Hulu, the movie website.

The Academy Awards or Oscars is one of the most prestigious mainstream film awards ever. Everyone who is anyone in Hollywood attends the Oscars. And if an actor has won the Oscars, then you know that they have made it big. During 2017, which was the 89th Academy Awards, a lot happened during the event. Hosted by television comedian Jimmy Kimmel, the 89th Academy Awards was a star-studded event. And you can get the latest scoop for that awards ceremony by going through this post. In it, we will dish out some facts that not a lot of people are aware of when the Oscars happened. So, without further ado, here are a few lesser known things about the 2017 Oscar Awards.

  1. Did you know that this was the first year that Black actors were nominated in every category? This was surely a victory for African-Americans all over the country. And the Oscar Awards this year showed that Black is excellent. Some of the nominees included Mahershala Ali for his role in Moonlight. And Viola Davis was also nominated for her role in the movie, Fences. Her co-star Denzel Washington also received a nomination for the film as well.
  1. Amazon made history when it became the first digital streaming company that received an Oscar nomination. The film they produced, Manchester by the Sea, starred Casey Affleck. This was swept a lot of the nominations categories during the Oscars.
  1. Jimmy Kimmel was reportedly paid fifteen thousand dollars for the entire hosting gig, which does not seem like a big amount for such a huge star. But folks have got to remember that the money that the hosts receive is only one of the compensations that they are getting. Simply being the host of such a prestigious event is compensation enough for a lot of professionals. And if people who were not aware of Jimmy Kimmel before;are definitely aware of him now. And that is all thanks to the Oscars.

  1. The dresses and get-ups that some stars arrive in can cost serious bucks. The average cost of an actresses Oscar dress is around $200,000 to $300,000. And that price is only for first-time actresses attending the event. Seriously expensive Oscar dresses can cost up to $1.5 million! This is mainly because big companies actually pay the actresses to wear their dresses as a form of advertising. After all, all eyes will be on what certain celebrities are wearing for the night.
  1. La La Land which scored at least 14 nominations and a lot of wins tied it with Titanic and All About Eve, as a film that has received the most Oscar nominations. La La Land was a movie about two artists trying to make it big in Los Angels, and it starred both Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.
  1. The parties that are held after the Oscars Awards are just as famous as the actual event. And those parties can seriously get really expensive. One of the parties that were thrown by Vanity Fair supposedly had tickets that sold $199,800 for two.
  1. Naomie Harris who was nominated for her role in Moonlight, actually only took about three days to shoot all of her scenes. Harris had only three days from her break, promoting the Bond movie Spectre. And all it took was those three days to earn her spot in the Oscars.
  1. Matt Damon was actually supposed to both star in and direct Manchester by the Sea to watch. This movie was reportedly Damon’s directorial debut. Although he never did direct or even act in the film, he still got producer credits. Manchester by the Sea would certainly be a different movie if Damon directed it.


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